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The true origin of word Kabbalah

Here is presented the true origin of word Kabbalah.


KA = Ancient Egyptian word for ”Breath of Life”, and ”the Living Force”

BA = Ancient Egyptian word for “Soul”, and “Higher Self”

LAH = A.K.A. “AL+LAH”, the Hebrew word for “The Nothingness”

Thus KA+BA+LAH actually refer to the mental journey and evolution of Soul. This journey has two extremes - the Knowledge and the Life. Tree of Knowledge is the Abyss of the Primeval Water, and thus it is the non-existing, dark ether, eternal and infinite part of “God”. The extreme of Knowledge is, of course, the Life and the Tree of Life – the existing, always moving, light part of “God” that has the beginning and the end. Only our Higher Self (Soul) can get familiar with both of these two horizons of God. That is why we humans have the absolute potential of being the living images of God.


- For Ka and Ba, see e.g.
- For Lah, see e.g.
- Totuudentalo, Iisakki (2016): Theory of Everything and Nothing. (Only in Finnish at the moment)
- Image: The Tree of Life, an engraving by Athanasius Kircher, published in his Œdipus Ægyptiacus in 1652. The basic structure of sephirot and links has since become the most common variant of the Tree used in Hermetic Qabalah. The details in this illustration include the Law of Moses, the 248 positive commandments and 365 negative commandments of Maimonides (associated with the principles of misericordia and severitas respectively), etc.

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