keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Balancing the chakras lights the Lamp of Consciousness

Here is something to think about in the form of an image. When a person faces a “problem” with some certain of his/her chakras, sometimes the actual relief is achieved through its “opposite”. For example if you are willing to open you “third eye” to remember the creation work, at the same time you really should also practice your emotional chakra. Also majority of the mnemonics are based on the active use of emotional memory.

Chakras are compared with Menorah lamp.
The activating instructions of Chakras can be found from the Menorah, the lamp of Consciousness.

Pay attention also to the point that the opposite of human’s personal will and personality is Knowledge and Life, the two parts of spirit that can be call e.g. God (or living knowledge).

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