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Five obstacles of meditation

In the image, a child holds the Earth.

There are typically five obstacles before the deeper mediation takes place.

1. First obstacle is to find peaceful environment and enough time to meditate. At the beginning be sure that you will not be interrupted. You can also use headphones and maybe some guided meditation (from YouTube), or at least some meditative music (also from YouTube).

2. After finding the peaceful surroundings, your inner surroundings wake up and form all the rest obstacles of meditation. The second obstacle is already inside of your own mind. It is your reason that starts to guide (read disturb) you, by telling about all the things that you should do right now, or just some detail of your past days you should focus on real hard etc. This is its role and just let it go through. Let the reason speak whatever there will be, just be glad that it speaks to you. All this phase takes, is a little bit time, and therefore soon your reason will understand that you do not want to act or feel or even think about anything, but just “be here and now”.

3. Usually right after your reason stops, your emotions takes charge and try to stop you, or try to force you do something. Suddenly there are so many things that just feel absolutely right things to do – maybe cleaning the house, making some home works, paying bills, going jugging, fixing the car, watching the children, taking dog for a walk etc. Just relax even more and accept your emotions, as they are, also they serve greater purpose and works for your own good. Just let your emotions enter your awareness, and then feel them as comprehensively as you can, and after that let them go. And like this, they will go, at least for a moment, and thus your meditation can continue to the next level of your unconscious mind.

4. Then after your reason and emotions, your ego has only one more trap for you. It thinks that it’s better to sleep unconsciously than to meditate. This is your own unconscious mind protecting yourself (and itself). You need to understand that also in this level, if you physically need to sleep (sleep debt), then your mind will take this on balance first (by sleeping), and only after that, meditation will be possible in this level. Remember that it is more than normal just to fall asleep during meditation, and after some time your mind will learn how to stay in the mental twilight zone. This is when meditation actually begins to work, and thus also the dreams, visions and everything else comes possible. This is the beautiful tiny spot between of consciousness and unconscious mind, and between of your past and future. This spot is the absolute “here and now”. In this Body, right Here, and in this Mind, right Now. This is the tiny spot of miracles and hidden knowledge – it is the home of higher consciousness.

5. After phase four, there is still one more obstacle – continuity. Meditation (also hypnosis, prayers, relaxations etc.) will have a major, deep impact in your life, but only when you actually build a habit of it. If you meditate only every now and then, your results will be like those of amateurs, but correspondingly if you meditate constantly, your results will be like those of enlightened pros.

Some reasons why to build a permanent habit of meditating:

  • Better concentration,
  • Better awareness,
  • More joyful attitude,
  • Better flexibility in general,
  • It relieves any kind of stress,
  • Expands creativity,
  • Opens long-term memory,
  • Reveals your hidden emotions,
  • Reveals your personal, limiting beliefs and values,
  • Helps you to know thyself,
  • Opens your mental eye to see your truly self,
  • Helps you to handle difficult issues from your personal past,
  • Turns on your higher consciousness,
  • Shows how to control your unconscious mind,
  • etc. etc. etc.,
  • Will eventually make you enlightened, already in this life.

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Sefer Yetsirah - the Holy book of Kabbalah finally decoded

In the book Mona Lisa – Image of God is the claim that sacred book Sefer Yetzirah would include mathematical code for creating life to the Earth. In the same "Mona Lisa" book, in the earlier chapter, the following image is named to Image of the All and Geometrical Image of God. This image is considered to be sort of code-key to understand all the mysterious places and sacred books. Here is presented the example number 2, Sefer Yetzirah.

The Geometry of Earth, Sun and Moon presented.
Image 43. Candidate for Image of God (from the book Mona Lisa - Image of God)

Sefer Yetzirah is the Holy Book of Kabbalah. In the book, JAH the Lord of Hosts creates the universe by the three Sepharim – Number, Writing, and Speech. (KALISCH, 1877; Wescott, 1887) Next, the Image of the All is used to reveal the secret symbolism behind the story.

Ten are the numbers, as are the Sephiroth, and twenty-two the letters, these are the Foundation of all things. Of these letters, three are mothers, seven are double, and twelve are simple.” (Chapter 1:2)

The first chapter of Sefer Yetzirah explains the numbers (decimal-system) and their abilities. The writer gives us clues of infinity and eternity. In Chapter 1:11, the name JAH is used to create the six directions. This is because JAH is three letters (3-cycle) and thus, mathematically, it is possible to form 6 different permutations:

3 × 2 × 1 = 3! = 6.

Also, in Chapter 4:4 we find a reference to permutations:

From two letters, or forms He composed two dwellings; from three, six; from four, twenty-four; from five, one hundred and twenty; from six, seven hundred and twenty; from seven, five thousand and forty; and from thence their numbers increase in a manner beyond counting; and are incomprehensible.” (Chapter 4:4)

Actually, the numbers are not incomprehensible. According to the calculation rules of permutations is valid

2! = 2 × 1 = 2,
3! = 3 × 2 × 1 = 6,
4! = 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 24,
5! = 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 120,
6! = 6 × 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 720, and
7! = 7 × 6 × 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 5040.

This means that out of seven letters, it is possible to create 5040 different words. This number 5040 is also our first clue related to the Image of the All. By using miles, the diameter of the Moon is 2160, the diameter of the Earth is 7920 and finally the Earth-Moon radius is 5040. (More about number 5040, see e.g. Laws by Plato.)

This gives us reason to think that perhaps the three mothers (Chapter 3:1) are the Earth, the Sun and the Moon of Image of God. They form a Balance described in the language of symbolism.

The three mother letters A, M, SH are the foundations of the whole; and resemble a Balance, the good in one scale, the evil in the other, and the oscillating tongue of the Balance between them.” (Chapter 3:1)

In Chapter 2, JAH makes a sphere with 231 modes of entrance. Of course number 231 is the Key in binding together this symbolical story to the Image of the All.

These twenty-two letters, the foundations, He arranged as on a sphere, with two hundred and thirty-one modes of entrance. If the sphere be rotated forward, good is implied, if in a retrograde manner evil is intended.
For He indeed showed the mode of combination of the letters, each with each, Aleph with all, and all with Aleph. Thus in combining all together in pairs are produced these two hundred and thirty-one gates of knowledge. And from Nothingness did He make something, and all forms of speech and every created thing, and from the empty void He made the solid earth, and from the non-existent He brought forth Life.
He hewed, as it were, immense column or colossal pillars, out of the intangible air, and from the empty space. And this is the impress of the whole, twenty-one letters, all from one the Aleph.” (Chapter 2:4-5)

Let us take a better look at number 231, thus with prime factorization there is

231 = 3 × 7 × 11.

All of these numbers are familiar to us already. In Image of the All, the diameter of the Moon is 3, the diameter of the Earth is 11 and the Earth-moon radius is 7. Furthermore, if we put the aleph in the mid-point and thus do not count it, then 21 letters can be formed as

21 = 3 + 7 + 11.

That is the exact relation (3 : 7 : 11) that creates all life here on Earth. This also ends our proof, because it is now clear that Sefer Yetzirah is correct knowledge and its position as Scripture is justified.

Corollary 2 concerning to Sefer Yetzirah is proved.


- House of Truth & Iisakki Totuudentalo (alias Isa-Av’ain): Mona Lisa – Image of God (2016). Free e-book is available in URL: (http://houseoftruth.education/en/teaching/mona-lisa)


- Wescott, W. (1887). KABBALAH. SEPHER YETZIRAH - THE BOOK OF CREATION. http://www.sacred-texts.com/.

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Balancing the chakras lights the Lamp of Consciousness

Here is something to think about in the form of an image. When a person faces a “problem” with some certain of his/her chakras, sometimes the actual relief is achieved through its “opposite”. For example if you are willing to open you “third eye” to remember the creation work, at the same time you really should also practice your emotional chakra. Also majority of the mnemonics are based on the active use of emotional memory.

Chakras are compared with Menorah lamp.
The activating instructions of Chakras can be found from the Menorah, the lamp of Consciousness.

Pay attention also to the point that the opposite of human’s personal will and personality is Knowledge and Life, the two parts of spirit that can be call e.g. God (or living knowledge).